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What's the hardest thing to say to someone you really care about when you're not sure how they feel about you? Four-Letter Word is a gay, furry visual novel about love and some of the many different paths through life it can take you. Play as one of two roommates with a shared history who are on their own journeys to figure out who they are and what they want, and help them find the answers they seek.

The visual novel serves as a continuation of the comic of the same name (which you can read here.) Although it's not necessary to read it, as the game works as a standalone piece of interactive fiction, it can provide some background information and additional context to the events in the visual novel.

Development began in the tail end of 2014 and continued until early 2016, where I took an extended hiatus for health reasons, but now things are back on track with a new build coming out each month! If you'd like to help support the project, consider becoming one of my patrons on Patreon and getting access to builds two weeks before the public, along with a number of other available perks!

StatusIn development
Rated 4.9 out of 5 stars
(260 total ratings)
GenreVisual Novel, Interactive Fiction
Made withAdobe Photoshop, FL Studio, Audacity, Ren'Py
TagsBara, Dating Sim, Furry, Gay, LGBT, Nonlinear, Romance, Slice Of Life
Average sessionAbout a half-hour
InputsMouse, Touchscreen
AccessibilityOne button
LinksHomepage, Patreon, Twitter


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I doubt there will ever be an update on this site and becoming a patron is kinda pointless as the files are in a Google drive that needs the email of the recipient "verified" if this guy is still alive or still dealing with family loss its save to say this is abandoned. Or on another 4 year hiatus from 2021

Is there any way to get the Patreon build? I know the creator has been gone for a while now and If I knew they were still working on it, I'd become one. I don't want to put money into a project that is abandoned though just to see what's different from the public build.

If anyone has a Patreon build they'd be willing to let me see, just DM or something. I really enjoyed this project and just want to see more lol

Bump. Seriously a public post is long overdue.

is this still going?

I don't think so, it's been over a year since any update here...

Out of curiosity could a patron just give a simple yes or no on if the last post a year ago mentioned if the project was over or not? i would just pay to find out myself but im already over the limit i set myself on patreon spending and the fact its over a year since the last post just adds to it.

Not a patron myself. Still figure something, because the last post in Patreon cames on Apr 30, 2021. 

You get the idea.


I'm not like most people here. I didn't find out about this VN until the creator came back from his first hiatus and honestly I wish I had known about it sooner. This was one of the first furry VN's I played on my Youtube channel and I love it. It's easily in my top 3 list of furry VNs.

While I think the art could use some work, I also like it and think it mostly fits. There's a surrealness to it that surprisingly blends in well with the more serious tone and subject matter that helps make it a bit easier to digest the stories being told. And boy do these stories feel like they were actually written by an adult. One of my issues with most furry VN's is the writing comes across as mostly tropes and barely concealed fan fiction writing at times, but FLW comes across as much more organic, for the most part.

I do think there are times the stories tend to dig too deep into explaining unimportant things and exposition but for the most part a very well-written story. Honestly, this VN will always hold a special place in my heart, especially when it comes to a certain character who is revealed to be trans. During the time I first reached that scene, I was dealing with my own struggles with admitting I'm trans, and having a character in a VN who wasn't your basic homosexual male really had me tearing up and relieved to relate to somebody. Even if that person is a fictional furry character.

All in all, I think this is an amazing VN and while I'm sad to see it being put on indefinite hiatus again. I also wanted to reach out and thank the creator for making a furry VN I can relate to in some way. And I hope wherever Kho is that's he's doing alright. Looking through these comments it's easy to see you've touched a lot of hearts and I truly wish you the best! Be well, Kho.


I advise you to create a collection for those FVNs that impacted you the most, like I did. Four Letter Word is also on there.


tbh I don't really care if this vn continues I just wanna know if the authors doing alright

I cant think of the worst for them. hopefully nothing bad happened


i dont care for the outhers  i want the fox and wolf 2 date its been 7 years cut the pats and just do a story ware it shows the fox and wolf falling in love and it can go back and forth do it get it out do somthing els its been like 7 years my dude i love the story but you dont have the staff or cash for it do it now get it out show what you want cut the rest you have to maybe ppl that you can date that takes time that you could just use to show the story that is tbh good af like that bit ware they go to the apple place was so good show them lonely dont have them date outher ppl have em oupen up at the camp and date after and for what after have to deal with the stuff they have been pushing off like ther famley have the fox stop his job have them help him find a new one maybe the need the cash 4 rent and he thinks of doing his work but dus not like half life being on a track can be good and fun you let us see what you want us 2 see you i know ppl mite hate me for saying all this but i love the story i just think this would be best wiil they wont they is over dun and ill like to know is will they be ok and what will they do  srry 4 the rant


please be careful, this almost gave me a stroke.

(1 edit)

I feel as if my eyes went cross from reading that, lol. 


played the 0.1.4 and it was great, is the game still being developed?

0.1.6 is available on patreon for $3. However the project hasn't been updated in over a year, so until Kho comes back (if ever) make sure to cancel your subscription after downloading.


is the game still going..?


Hi Kho
I just wanted to say, that I remember playing this VN, and that it really touched me. You've created something special here. You may or may not look at these messages, and I've no idea how you're doing (hopefully getting by okay).

Maybe it's painful since you probably feel really bad that you're not working on it, but maybe it's a little pick-me-up as well, that people are enjoying this thing you've made.

Once again I hope you're well, and I hope one day you feel up to working on this project again. I know all too well how it is too lose motivation, and dealing with mental health issues such as depression and anxiety. One piece of advice I might offer - don't set out to do much. Very small goals. Just do a little bit, and hold back. You may eventually want to do more.

All the best ❤

Hello,juat making time downloading this novel.

still in progress? :c

Funny thing, this *has* happened before took a few years to continue 


well, yes, but there seems to be other updates available in their patreon


To anyone here wondering.  The creator has been have a few rough months.  They posted on their Patreon a teaser of an upcoming Noah CG and Noah's Theme.  We just need be patient for him to get out of this funk.

(1 edit) (+3)

Can somebody write to the creator on patreon to don't forget about itch.io? :/

Actually i didn't read the novel, but i don't want to if it's a dead project at here. Sad, because it's looks like a masterpiece, but you know, i don't want to suffer.


They probably forgot this website and continued to post their updates in the patreon. I might subscribe to it depending on how much it is. Hopefully nothing too drastic. But maybe someone would be able to message them or something. If not then just classify it as a "dead project" if, however, the creator does start posting ill immediately let you know if that makes you feel better :)


Yap, it would make me feel better.

I should support him on patreon, but actually i don't have the money and also i want to be a developer too, so if i can make it, i would have no problem with this and i could support him. :D

Any good news?


Nothing, I'm afraid...

He updated on his Patreon earlier this month.  Been having a rough time.

(1 edit) (+4)

Hey, since he seems to still be active on Patreon. If any of the people who support him there also get to see this comment, could you ask him why have we not heard of him lately over here?

Personally, I don't mind if he has changed his plans regarding public updates, but I'd rather have some clarity about it.


on march 3rd, he released build 0.1.6 on patreon, 3 versions ahead of what we have currently. either he's abandoned updates here or he's completely forgot about itch.


He posts a public update two weeks after the new one in patreon, and it's also posible that he just posts an earlier version... I'd just wait a couple of days to see if he posts 0.1.5 here before making assumptions.


Ok, it seems it's taking a while now. Does anyone know if there is a way to contact him and ask him about it?


Reply to this post when the next update drops


Any news when the VN will be updated? Last update was in October 2020... I'm getting worried... 

(1 edit)

He just posted a new version on Patreon, so I think that it won't be too long before we get to see one here as well.


It's good so far, although it drags on at times like at the bar or restaurant. I never saw the lion in the screenshots, did I miss something

You have to play as Asher to hang out with him.

Is this work in android



Dead again?


Well ... You are assuming very soon. He update a new demo on patreon a month ago and he also notice that he was very busy this last month and soon in a time (maybe weeks) he're gonna post another update. We only have to be patient ... He do this project in his free time and obviously he has a life outside of this. And he deserve to take his time for whatever of reason he has.

The creator will probably release a new update once they release a new update on patreon. Right now the creator only has up version 0.1.5a on patreon, so once 0.1.6 comes out, 0.1.5a will be posted here

The update on patroon is said will come out soon 


is there any daily update?


Is there a guide to this game? Like a flow chart? 

(3 edits) (+1)

Can the characters in the pictures be romanced? Eli the tiger? Hugh the Doberman?  Noah? Emil the Lion? I'm specially interested in the Eli and Hugh...Can Eli be dated as Asher? 

Also, Hunter is cuteness overload personified! Loved seeing Hugh taking care of lil' Hunter, they're adorable together! :)

Found a bug I think... Playing as Colby and playing Eli's (Elias) Route his contact doesn't show after meeting him... Do we get locked automatically into Noah's route for helping and forgiving him even if we're doing Eli's route?


I like how this is set up. It's a refreshing to see something not as linear and being able to choose between the characters for new insights and snippets of their backstory and inner turmoil. 

Keep up the lovely work! (Also Hugh and his Nephew... my heart melt... that was cute overload. Best Boyo.) 


i like this game pls continue to making it!im support


Hey Kho, are you gonna make a route in which Asher and Colby end up together? I SO want then to be together <3


Yep, it's one of the possibilities you can end up with!


sorry about your troubles but what is with the delay


Heya, I put out an additional update to the patron build from 2 weeks ago so I wanted to give them a little bit of exclusivity time with it. The build will go up here soon!

(2 edits) (+2)

I like what's here, but (spoilers) at points it feels like a wikipedia article or information piece on the various fields you researched to make this game. It's a little dull to read about "Deaf culture" and the subtleties of AA the way you're wording it. I care more about the characters than getting exposition about their back story. I'd trim it down a bit, just a suggestion. Show, don't tell.

Also, the tiger being deaf, why is that so emphasized? I legit laughed when the second conversation also started about him being deaf. Don't deaf people want to be treated like regular people, too? Don't gay people want to be treated like regular people?

Colby seems normal enough, he gets around and is even a porn star, but he doesn't march down the street in a rainbow jockstrap because gay isn't his only personality trait.

Sorry if this is a bit abrasive! You're a good writer, besides. I'm enjoying it, and the text message mechanic is especially cute. Just wanted to give some constructive feedback.


Thanks for taking the time to write me! You aren't the only one who's brought up the first point to me. I have heard from a couple of other people that the writing is too expository at times. To be honest, the sections you've outlined have been rewritten a few times already to try and pare it down and make the conversation feel more natural, so I'm not quite sure what to do with them at this point. I will likely take another pass at them later if I feel like I have a better idea of how to approach them.

Regarding your other criticism, I can understand if it feels like it's too much, but Colby is approaching the situation as someone who doesn't have any idea about what life as a Deaf person is like and wants to learn more about it, and there is truthfully a lot to know, so I don't feel it's insulting to have it be such a dominant topic of discussion with Eli. I have also received comments from actual Deaf people or hearing people who are part of that culture via friends and family who were really appreciative over the way it's covered in FLW, so I don't really think it's much of a problem.


It's not. I really quite liked those sections, fwiw. 

Totally fine my dude. I'm just one guy with one opinion, and others obviously don't feel the same. Best of luck with your game, it's looking great so far!

New Build on Patreon.

We are still waiting.

I am still waiting.

This story just really took my soul.

He is still here.  Don’t worry.  He gave a status update on Patreon a short while ago.


So.. Emil's story by the bonfire... thank you Kho, I absolutely adore you

(2 edits) (+4)

I'm really really curious about one thing but I'm scared to ask in case I end up getting a big spoiler

I'm just going to say that I really hope Colby and Asher end up together



I think Elias and Colby are cute together!

As well as Emil and Asher!


(english isnt my native language) one of the few vn that got really me i love the story and the characters ... WOW is like all i can say its like their alive a the background of them is amazing also read the comic part 2 and first page of  part 1 really amazing also its not complete but I have a good feeling about this one unlike echo wich i love and hate but i can tell no matter what endings you decide for this vn im gonna love it all. Take care ko and god bless 😊😊


Oh my gosh

This vn is sooo good

Eli is my precious boi,


Noah is my precious baby now. MUST PROTECT


Hi Kho!

 Even if I'm not from an English-speaking country, I try to learn this language for my own pleasure. And, you know, I don't regret learning English at all. I was able to easily read this visual novel without using Google translator, and I am very pleased with the result.

About the novel itself - this is something wonderful. Characters are like... Alive, u know? The atmosphere is really perfect. 

Promise that you will continue, that you will not stop and continue to improve it! This story is amazing and I really want to know what will happen next.

Regards, you fan ;3

P.S. I love this novel, love this world, love you and love everything!
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